Qualified Co. Secretary..Me??

So I finally got my professional certificate in Corporate Secretaryship.  Yup, I finally can take up challenge as Secretarial Assistant in dealing with all the nitty gritty tasks of the company secretary of the company.  I’m pleased with myself that despite at my age, I can achieve to this far.  Normally I just don’t care much and never motivated enough to continue any studies.  I just love working and gain knowledge and experience from it.

I don’t think I am capable enough to take this huge steps to become a qualified company secretary.  Being an Executive Assistant to the CEO of the company now is enough. Too many work on weekdays.  Alas, I never bring work home. I never work on weekend, unless if I’m travelling on business trip.  So far, I love my job now.

This is me

This is seriously me! LOL..


About Fav

Give it a minute to be grateful of what we have. Don't look back. Forward is the only option and the journey of self discovery will still going on as long as I'm still breathing. This Love.One Love.One Kiss.

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