On becoming a Company Secretary

Got my professional certificate in Corporate Secretaryship.  Yup, I finally can take up challenges in dealing with all the tasks of a Company Secretary in the company.  I’m pleased with myself that despite at my age, I can achieve to this far.  After working as a Secretary for almost 20 years, I think the next step to upgrade myself is be becoming a Company Secretary, with a valid license from Company Commission of Malaysia (CCM) so I can demand better position and remunerations.

BUT, I still don’t think I am capable enough to take this huge steps yet.  As of now, being a Senior Assistant to the CEO of the company seriously hard enough. However, I do feel my job now is balance in terms of work load and personal life. Yep, I love my job now.  Maybe in a few years, I will have the courage to pursue my dream qualification and title.

Meantime, work hard and go on with life just as good as it goes ..



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