This is another lame same o’ story.  Yes, I have tried it all. Diet programme, supplements, pills, jogging, and tho it works well for most people that I know, unfortunately for me, well, it’s NOT. I’m still this chubby woman in her 40’s. I feel pathetic. When I lose a few kilos, I feel good but then I easily gain it back. *sigh*  Blame it on the delicious food, my carvings, lack of self-control, or maybe that I just love to eat.

Ok, so last weekend, with a sudden urge to do some simple stretching, I looked up some easy-to-follow exercise on YTube and found some easy yoga exercise for beginner.  Wonderful. Just good for someone like me, who are chubby, lazy and lack of stamina. Heh..

I try not to hurt my muscles or overdoing the stretching. After doing the same routine for 3-days, I feel good. My body feels great and only felt mild muscles pain.

I want to continue doing this until my body more flexible and so far, these simple stretching are simply the best for me.

Here’s another one good website that I just found ~

I want to be healthy.  Right now, I’m weighing at 80kg and stand at 5’0″. I would be most happy if I can go down to 60kg.

Dear God, give me strength in this slow journey.  Fightinggggggg…












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