Back from hiatus (2015-2016)

After long hiatus from my blog, I feel I need to come back and continue to updating it.

In the long year absence, of course many things had happened.

  • I moved out from my previous rented condo, to a much cheaper apartment complex with 2 other friends.  Been 4 months at the new place, I like it more than the previous ones.  More tolerate housemates.  Much smaller unit and easy to take care. Most of all, much near to my choice of public transportation, the LRT (Light Rail Transit) to ferry me to my work place, or any favourite hangout places.
  • Completed my Company Secretary training with Company Commission of Malaysia.  My dream of getting a license getting closer.  Yaayyyy..
  • Dream trip to South Korea finally came true.  Crazy back-packing schedules from Jeju to Busan to Seoul from 7 – 18 April 2016 and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Will share my journey later..
  • Still haven’t plan my back-packing trip to some part of West Malaysia, although I have been living in Kuala Lumpur for more than 10 years.  Well, that will be coming soon.  Although I just came back from Penang Island for a week job, and managed to take some time to explore the island with a help of a colleague.
  • and etc..etc..etc..
    This gorgeous flower I saw in Jeju - end of autumn

    This gorgeous flower I saw in Jeju – end of autumn

    Till next time….


About Fav

Give it a minute to be grateful of what we have. Don't look back. Forward is the only option and the journey of self discovery will still going on as long as I'm still breathing. This Love.One Love.One Kiss.

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