Short journal so far*

When I first came to Kuala Lumpur (KL) from my home-town, Kuching, I came with 1 big luggage and no job.  The decision was on impulsed.  No plan, no back-up savings, just my last salary plus the money that I get from selling off my unit trust, which was almost MYR2,000.00.  So for this crazy one-way adventure, I have less than MYR4,000.00 for me to survive until I secure a job.  The plan was to get a job as soon as possible and luckily, my best-friend offered me to stay with her for free, for as long I need, until I get a job.  She was a true angel, a true best-friend that had gone through together the best and the worst time, while struggling with work and life in KL for the first 3 years, before its starting to get a bit better.  She got engaged so I moved out from her house and really getting to experience the real life as an independent single woman in this city.  No family, no relatives whatsoever, I must say, I’m still surprised that I can go this far.

After jobless for two months and 5 interviews at various companies, I got my first job at a Travel Agency office as a Secretary to GM-Sales & Marketing with a monthly salary of MYR1,900.00, near my apartment.  Good enough for a start, for awhile.  Before long, the banks starting to call in as I have defaulted in all my credit cards.  It’s hell.  Debt collectors been calling day and night, doesn’t care how hard life is for people like us.  At first, I feel quite afraid but after getting so many calls, i get irritated and annoyed so I start ignoring them and looking for alternative on how to get through it.  After few years avoiding and paying minimum for all the credit cards, in 2009, Bank Negara launched a program that would help people like me to consolidate their cards and pay to all banks through their department. It was such a blessing and huge relieved.Stand up for yourself

Once I moved out from my best-friend house, I start to rent a room at one place to another.  I’m like a nomad, in this familiar city.  In 13 years, I have moved at different area around KL city 8 times.  So far, I love my last apartment, shared with another 2 housemates that are like sisters to me.  We have known each other for about 4 years and been housemates for 2 years.  I had encountered wonderful women as my housemates as well as the worst kind of women.  I want to write about them because some were seriously not the kind of women you expect to meet in this life.

My first housemate was a young girl from Terengganu. She work as clinic assistant at a nearby clinic at the area.  Has a boyfriend that share her bed every night.  After two weeks staying with her, some of my stuff went missing (money, dvd player, cds).  Well, in the end, found out the boyfriend took it and sold it.  I gave immediate notice to move out and my deposit back.  I reported to the owner but did not make any police report since he returned my stuff. In 24 hours I got new place, luckily.

One time there was a woman I knew while working at the same company, after awhile we decided to look for a place to rent together.  At work place, she is this kind, polite and fun character.  I thought we could be good friends.  She’s from Kelantan, wearing short hijab but like to wear very tight cloths that showed every curve of her body and super tight pants that makes the shape of her vagina popped’s funny and embarrassing at the same time because we work and pool car together.  But she seems to be proud of it when guys look at her with their pervert eyes. Then we rented two separate room with shared bathroom in a condo, with another two housemates, of which one is the owner.  After a few months, the truth about came out and it’s so much the opposite of what she portrayed at work.  She a very dirty, super lazy and selfish woman.  I will clean-up the bathroom once a week, but she never does.  Sometimes after using the bathroom, she would leave it dirty and messy.  When she does her cooking, she will leave the stove dirty and half wash the pots & pans, and leave it oily here and there.  On the day that I moved out from the house and the day I resigned from the company was one of the best day of my life.  About my other two housemates, yep, they had stories too.  But that’s for another entry.

I won't

But then living with a strangers can also be a nightmare.  Not your worst nightmare, but still a nightmare nevertheless. At first, when they come for interview and viewing the available rooms, they are at their best behavior.  You give them terms & conditions if they want to rent and sometimes you do have doubts but at the same time you feel empathy as they have been looking for good rooms to rent.  So you let them rent.  After some months, true colors shine through.  Selfish brat, ignorant attitude, loud, noisy, lazy, and acting they own the house, it’s still a problem to live with.  I have gone through it all. I try not to let it stress me up.  In the end, I just let go and avoid any confrontation as long as they doesn’t crossing any boundaries with me.  Most of the time, they don’t mess with me because I don’t play nice if I’m angry or pissed off.

In the end, finding housemates that are compatible with us is not easy.  Unless you want to live alone, then that’s alright.  I don’t have the privileges to rent on my own at the moment and anyway, I like living with my housemates now.  Meantime, savings some money to find my own place, one day, eventually.


Keep Calm

Learn to respect




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