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[INTERVIEW] 141203 Conversation with a Star: Starmedia Team met Kim Jaejoong in Vienna


“The real reason why I started acting is… honestly…” ①

…An artist who made history in Korean popular music stepped into the city of Music, Vienna.

He spent his teen years in achieving his dream of becoming a singer, and the red balloons followed him around for the next 10 years. He is the playful, oldest brother of JYJ, talented vocalist and a charismatic solo artist who commands audiences with a single standing microphone at his packed concerts.

He says he is an early riser; he runs to the fitness center at dawn. The shooting began early in the morning. His cheerful, pleasant voice wakes the morning as the staff busily prepare for the shooting. Let us breath in the music filled morning air of Vienna with the professional, Kim Jaejoong.

Movement 1: History of Austria, Schönbrunn Palace and Artist Kim Jaejoong

Starmedia(S): This is your first visit to Vienna…

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Living with strangers..

I have been living in this metropolitan city for almost 10 years.  I have been through so many ups and downs..mostly downs ;(..I’ve been living alone but not quite alone.  What does it mean? Yes, when you are alone in big city, renting a whole house is definitely out of question.  Unless if you earn higher income and with less commitment back at home-town, which is not in my case *sigh*..until now *longer sigh*. When I first came to Kuala Lumpur from my home-town, Kuching, I came with 1 big luggage and no job.  I stayed with my bestfriend for free until I found myself a job. I got my first job at a Travel Agency office as a Secretary to GM-Sales & Marketing with RM1,900.00 (USD575.00) per month.  It was in September 2005.  Life was a struggle but I’m happy because my bestfriend was there with me. She’s my pillar to stay strong and move on.  Then she got married.  I had to move out to another place.  That’s the start of my adventure in meeting new women, young and old, conservative and not so conservative, etc. as my house mates.

Stand up for yourself

I had encountered wonderful women as my house-mates as well as the worst kind of women.  Some of my house-mates were by my colleagues or friends that we agreed to rent together in a house with another strangers.  There were more bad than good, well, in my case.  This friend when knowing her as a colleague, was a polite, fun and nice character.  Then, when I started to live with her, renting a room (separate room) with a landlady, the truth about came out less than 3 months of staying together.  A dirty, lazy and selfish woman.  On the outside, she acted innocent, wearing a scarf on her head, speaking in soft manner, but God Almighty, she was really a fucking diva and act like a princess. I loathed that attitude so much! At first, colleagues at the office saying that I was a jealous chubby woman of this sexy girl wearing tight-fitting clothes and vagina shape showing fitted pants to the office while wearing head-scarf.  But, yes, God is GREAT, in the end they all know who she is.  Honestly, I don’t give a shit because when that happened, I had left the company haha..well, that’s the last time I’m gonna have a friend or office colleague as my house-mate! Lesson learned well.

U think U important

I won't

But then living with a strangers can also be a nightmare.  Not your worst nightmare, but still a nightmare nevertheless. As long as the house-mates are selfish, ignorant, greedy, loud, noisy, and acting they own the house, it’s still a problem to live with.  Yes, that’s what I’m encountering right now.  It does stress me up for awhile but in the end, I just let go and avoid any confrontation as long as they don’t crossing that house-mates boundaries.  The other house-mates are complaining..mildly but yeah, in the end, they also just like me..just let them be selfish to everything in the house, ignorant to us that prefer quiet and easy-going house environment, as long as they don’t disturb our peacefulness in our room.  But the most I hate right now is the noise, every night when I’m already in bed sleeping,  these two room-mates somehow prefer to take late night shower, one by one..20-30 mins each.  Because our room connected to a toilet/shower room, the noise is sometimes unbearable.  Why the fuck they didn’t take their stupid shower after home from work or at least before 10pm, like other people do! Pppfffff.. Yes, this is selfish! This is ignorant! ..because they are inconsiderate of other people.  I always wonder if both of them have hearing problem because they like to close the doors in the house very loud like looking for a fight or something! It’s annoying and sometimes makes me angry.  I purposely shut the door as hard or harder just to make my point how annoying it was.  They know if I’m angry, I will curse like bitches and they don’t dare to ask me because they know they started it. And funny thing was, they are the one who put up stickers saying ‘please close the door quietly’..irony? Yes, indeed…


O well, in the end, I just let it go.  Rather than burden myself of hating and being angry, lets just focus on myself and my wellness.  Lets just avoid this kind of people.  It makes life much easier.  Now, when I’m off to bed, I just put on my earphone and listen to soothing songs by my bias or the sounds of mellow music.

Keep Calm

Learn to respect


Life is not over by this.  It’s a journey for my own betterment.  Lets hope I will find a worthy house-mates in the future, if I’m still single, that is. *cries soundly in heart*yes, I’m lonely. sighhhhhh*