Singapore {15-17 July 2014}

Singapore Safari Night @ 16 July 2014
Singapore Night Safari @ 16 July 2014

I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Singapore is our nearest neighbor but I have never been there before. I always wanted to visit the city of lion but never had a chance. My boss wants me to join a meeting in Singapore, so there I was. Finally stepping my foot into Singapore..Ha..

As part of the meeting incentive, I had the opportunity to join the Sales team to the famous Singapore Zoo for a site inspection and try out their incentive package. It was a full dinner on tram, on night safari. The food was marvelous. Seen most of the animals. The zoo has quite a collection of exotic animals, families of lions, tigers, wild buffalo, several family species of boars, deers, giraffe and so on. The whole safari took about 1 hour 30 minute. Finale of the program was the night show at the small amphitheater. Such a great show by those cute fluffy animal and albino boa huhu…

Since I was there for work, the next day was filled with industry road show and meeting.  We had dinner, sponsored by Singapore Tourism Board at Royal Plaza.  Seafood promotion.  Super delicious. My favourite king crab on the stove. Belly was full.  Then back to hotel.  Because of work, I am privileged enough to stay at the most expensive hotel in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands.  Room was very comfortable and cozy.  Off to bed early because my flight back to Kuala Lumpur is at 9:00am.

Seafood at Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts
Seafood at Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts

So far so good right.  Alas, early morning taking taxi from hotel to airport was quite hard because only limousine available.  Then came in ‘so-called’ budget taxi that promised to charge minimum or standard taxi fares.  Hopped on the taxi because don’t want to be late.  Unfortunately I was scammed.  The driver purposely keep talking about his super expensive business and his wife boutique and his adventure of ferrying illegal Indonesians to Batam island.  Talk trash about Johoreans (southern state of Peninsula Malaysia). Finally ‘lost’ his way to Air Asia terminal because overlooked the signal and had to U-turn.   I had to pay him about SGD30.00 for the fares of less than 5km. And he forgot to give the receipt!!! It’s already 7:30am and I’m seriously rushing, my mood has gone like a speed-light. Off the taxi, went in to MAS counter, checked in and try to forget the last day in Singapore.

In the end, you tend to remember that bad incident rather than the good ones.  Will I go back to Singapore for a real holiday?

Maybe not at the moment.


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