[PRESS PICS] 140823 2014 JYJ Concert in Beijing ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING’

So envy of the fans..they are so lucky. When will be my turn?? *cries at the corner*



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Escape to Singapore…finally lol

Singapore Safari Night @ 16 July 2014
Singapore Night Safari @ 16 July 2014

I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Singapore is our nearest neighbor but I have never been there before. I always wanted to visit the city of lion but never had a chance. I was actually to go to Seoul for a meeting but it was cancelled last minute. As an alternative new date given, Singapore was chosen as the next venue for the same meeting. So that’s how I finally step my foot into Singapore..Ha..

Although it was a short 2 days meeting in Singapore, I joined our Sales team to the famous Singapore zoo for a site inspection and try out their incentive package. It was a full dinner on tram, on night safari. The food was marvellous. Seen most of the animals. Singapore zoo has quite a collection of exotic animals, families of lions, tigers, wild buffalo, several family species of boars, deers, giraffe and so on. The safari took about 1 hour 30 minute journey. The last program was the night show at the small amphitheatre. Such a great show by those cute fluffy animal (minus the snake, of course) huhu…

The next day was filled with industry road show and meeting before going off to airport the day after and back to Kuala Lumpur. But that short time, I had wonderful time staying at Marina Bay Sands. Such a gorgeous hotel. Sadly, I don’t have enough time to explore the place.  Maybe next time 🙂

Seafood at Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts
Seafood at Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts

My only complaint was the taxi driver.  I am the unfortunate one who got scammed by the Premier taxi that said he gave me same fare as normal taxi but when reached airport, he charged the meter as Premier.  Worst, he purposely ‘lost’ his way to Air Asia terminal and had to U-turn.  Talking big about his business with 10 speedboats to carry Indonesian to Batam and bad-mouthing Johor (the nearest Malaysia state to Singapore) so freely.  Well, since I’m rushing to catch my flight at 7.30am and not in a good mood and don’t want to argue since I’m still in his country, I just keep mum…but my heart, only God knows the ‘sensored’ words I scream hahaha..