Horror Movies & Me

Just finished some of new Korean horror movies and was not disappointed.  I know I can count on Korean or Japanese horror movies to entertain and give me goosebumps.  If you even watched Malaysian, Indonesian or Thailand horror movies, you know there were some really haunting and scary.  The last American horror movies that I... Continue Reading →


Which Month Were You Born?

I am a January baby. I look cold and unfriendly but when I am comfortable with someone, people always surprise how witty and funny I am. Most of the time, I am a quiet person and love to sleep. Haha..

So what is your blood type??

Is your blood type matches your personality? I am an AB+ type and yup, it matches my personality..most of it anyway heheh.. But what about your partner? Does your blood type compatible or not? Are you an ideal partners? Check this out;

Food..yummy my tummy♡♡

Some I made myself..some eat out with friend. New BBQ Chicken restaurant in town. Menu more variety with combo of korean/western recipe.  Delicious altho I prefer spicy korean chicken than the one I tried, chicken stirfry with black soya sauce. This is our local famous Sarawak, Borneo porridge type. Mom's cook. Its full with different... Continue Reading →

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