[VIDEO] 131021 Esquire Korea: Behind-the-Scenes photoshoot of ‘Sunny Day, with Jaejoong’ (Nov. 2013 Issue)


Jaejoong gets even more dashing in dark suits for ‘Esquire’


Jaejoong went for a whole different look in his ‘Esquire’ photoshoot!

Some of the photos were normal. In one, he posed without a shirt to give teasing glimpses at his tattoos. In another, he exuded his usual charisma in a perfectly tailored suit. However, in another one, he seemed to take no notice of the huge wings behind his head.

The filming staff said, “Even if he doesn’t calculate it in his head, the cells in his body seemed to know what to do. There wasn’t a single cut we wanted to throw away. He’s amazing.”

Jaejoong said, “I feel like my age is meaningless. I like how I am now. I realized that it’s happiness to express myself as the time passes, and to put everything down from time to time. My everything is when JYJ members are together. Their existence gives me strength.”

Check out some photos below!


Credit: Allkpop

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Do You Watch Horror Movies?

Just finished some of new Korean horror movies and was not disappointed.  I know I can count on Korean or Japanese horror movies to entertain me.  Even some of Indonesia and Malaysia and Thailand horror movies are really haunting and scary.  The last American horror movies that I watched are ‘The Conjuring’ and ‘The Sinister’.  I like it.

SinisterMoviePoster2012download (1)I have just finished marathon three Korean horror movies..yes marathon as in the whole day/night on Sunday..hehe. My brain just cannot get enough of these scary blood splattering visions in my laptop in front of me!  Hopeless case of horror movie freak! >.<

Horror Stories 1 was produced late 2012.  4 horror stories in one movie.  The “Scary Stories” begins with a female high school student who is kidnapped by a killer with a speech impediment. In order to survive, she tells the scariest stories to the killer.


Then a sequel in 2013.  The stories are more intense and top up with one quite funny horror story, but scary at the same time.  The movie begins with Department Head Park and new employee Se-Young walk into a secret basement storage room to take out old files at their insurance agency. Park knows Se-Young possesses a supernatural power, which is the ability to see events as they really happened. Park then instructs Se-Young to use her powers to go through past case files, which he suspects involved fraud. The three cases are “Cliff,” “Accident” and “Escape”. At 4:44 AM, when their stories are about to end, a dark shadow casts over them. (Note: I really like the unsuspected ending)




And last movie is titled ‘Killer Toon’.  I have been waiting in anticipation for the movie to be avail online with English subtitles and yayyy, it was uploaded at gooddrama.net finally.


That’s it. That’s my weekend. How about you?