[TRANS] 130126 Compilation of Tweets from Jaejoong’s “Your, My, & Mine” Concert and Fanmeeting (Day 1)



  • Singing happy bday to jj
  • He is in the cake lolllll
  • Bodyguard oppa is ready to assist jj
  • To get out of the cake lol
  • Mc is boom
  • They are bringing the msg board on stage
  • A staff told me not to use phone

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[TRANS] 130124 Kim Jaejoong’s plans after winning lawsuit in Japan, “First of all, I want to greet everyone with a concert’

Trolling baby junsu..oh jae ^____^



Kim Jaejoong’s group, JYJ, recently won their long lawsuit with Japanese agency AVEX.

In a recent interview held at a coffee shop in Gwanghwamun, Kim Jaejoong opened up about plans after winning the case against AVEX.

Kim Jaejoong answered, “First of all, I hope to quickly go to Japan and meet everyone with a concert.” He continued, “after that, if I can get a distribution channel and gain freedom, I want to formally release a Japanese album in Japan. If I’m free like the result of the lawsuit says, I should be able to go on broadcasts as well. It would be nice if this happens,” revealing his anticipation for activities in Japan.

At the question of whether Kim Jaejoong forgot his Japanese due to the halt on his Japanese actitivies, Jaejoong replied with a smile, “Everyone doesn’t know this but I’m using Japanese a lot.” When asked about the…

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[INTERVIEW] 130121 Kim Jaejoong’s Interview for Cyworld Music

Jaejoong+Jaesuk=Grasshopper brothers…gonna be hilarious Running Man ever!!!


1. Please greet the fans at CYworld and introduce your album.

Hello to all friends from CYworld, I’m Jaejoong. This time I brought my solo mini-album to greet everyone. I participated in a lot of the lyric-writing for the album, and I’ve tried very hard to place all the emotional moments I’ve felt into the lyrics. There are two songs in the album that were produced by myself, so I feel a strong connection to this album.

2. This album is an activity after the lapse of a long time. What are your thoughts? Are you excited?

Yes. After JYJ’s Korean album and World Tour, I have presented myself as an actor through dramas and movies. Promoting this album…Mmm…I’m buzzed but not the nervous kind, I guess you can even call it the kind where you are in a really good mood. I’m very happy to meet everyone through music…

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[OPINION] This is My Ocean… This is MINE


To be honest I’ve waited for this music video since the first teaser came out. I was looking forward to hear Jaejoong’s voice in rock songs and my expectations for this video rose a lot after the release of One Kiss. I was mostly curious about the music and I was so curious about how he would turn and twist his vocals to a rock song. In the beginning I wasn’t expecting his voice to change much but I got really positively surprised. I felt the song from a start to end and I liked the way lyrics fitted into the contexts of the song.

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