In route of meeting KIM JAEJOONG-NIM

This journey was one of the ‘dream-come-true’ journeys that I had this year! Can I scream now? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

It’s been a week and although I’m already passed the ‘cloud 9’ stage, I think I’m still in a daze, and please apologize if my journal might be a bit messy here and there..hehe

Myself and five other girls reached Soekarno international Airport slightly after 6:00pm local time.  Taking time through the immigration and collecting our luggage and buying local SIM card data package took a good one hour.  Met @rin, @lyn and other Indonesian JYJ fans..we chit-chat and get to know each other. It was super great because these are people that I met online and we all just like old friends..talking, laughing, and nervously waiting for KJJ to arrive.  A bit later we went to the Exit gate that KJJ will to go through.


They put out the welcome banner, one on each side..the above was on the other side that I took. YJS came a bit later in a group and started chanting those words.  JYJ/KJJ fans chant much louder “Kim Jaejoong!Kim Jaejoong!Kim Jaejoong!” It was awesome.  A fight almost happened because YJ side provocation but it was immediately under control.  Those freaks!! I just really want to wall-face them one by one! A friend told me that the YJ followers mostly teenagers with one adult acted as leader.  I just hope she took pictures, but she didn’t.  I was standing on the same side with those freaks so I didn’t see them.

Finally KJJ came out and he already looked pale and seriously sick 😦 😦 He walked straight without looking up.  It was okay when he passed by us and then fans especially those YJS started to push around but of course, his two handsome bodyguards 🙂 protecting him, along with the local hired security crew.  Although it was briefed by the security not to shout and to behave, well in the end, fans failed to keep good space for him to enter the car!

We came early to the venue Mata Elang International Stadium (MEIS) and while waiting for organizer/promoter to do setting up, we hang around at the restaurant nearby.  I got my banner towel and Iphone case ^__^..but hot selling item was the light-stick.  I was told that a Japanese fan bought all the light-sticks available.  Means those behind her are not getting any.  But it’s not fair to the rest of fans.  Promoter should just tell the maximum amount one fan can buy so others can buy too!




We hang around at the venue until time to go in.  It was long queue but quite fast. The security checked all the bags and I saw a lot of water bottles on the side. My friend refused to surrender her water tumbler, she drank all the water in it and she was like taking it one-go I almost thought she could be choking hehe..and the security was trying not to laugh his eyes twitched.  I was trying to be cool and smile but in my heart, I was like ‘buahahahaha’. We waited about 15-20 mins before the FM starts.  He came out with yellow sweater (Marc Jacob) but I tell you, he wore it just nice.  For someone who is really sick, he looks as gorgeous as usual.  During event, he smile less that night.  I think this FM, he didn’t smile much, except during photography and high5 session.  I can understand that with that kind of fever and cold, he has to endure it all and with his high-spirit to see us, his fans, I really respect him.  With a 40 degree fever, he could just collapse anytime but you know, he never give in, not for at least 2-3 hours that he’s there with us. His expression during his apology letter says it all.  The MC voice and his face on the screen, it’s really heartbreaking for all of us there.

Photogrid thanks to dearie @chewyalmond^^ see him making extra effort to smile despite his fever, it hard for me to watch him because he should be lying in bed, resting, listen to light music and sleep 24hours straight to gain his strength and recover faster.  After the apology letter, he sat on the red sofa and a very straight forward program commences.  He speaks (well, Ipad texting) not as was more of showing ‘behind the scene’ Codename: Jackal, 5 top selection scenes in ‘Dr Jin’ and ‘Protect The Boss’.  Normally he sang to his fans in all his fan meeting, but this time, due to his voice-loss, we sang for him, ‘Living Like A Dream’.  As much as we really want to hear his voice, I think all of us feel kind of intimate with him because we sang for him..all in one voice, synchronized and some were even crying while singing for him.  He didn’t even turn around to face us after the song ended, even when the MC requested him too.

Questions and answers were funny at some parts.  He wrote the answers fast..and deleted it faster too hahaha..I like the part when MC asked if he ever fall in love with the actress that he work with, of which he answered he did have a crush to one of the female staffs! Gosh, I hope those YJ freaks realized that KJJ fall-in-love with a woman! He is a real man! The one they been delusional fantasizing are just plain delusional stupid!! When the MC asked him whether he likes to drink or not..even before he wrote the answer, I can hear fans chants ‘yessss’…then on the ipad he just put ‘^____________^’ cute was that!!?? Oh Jaejoong, even being sick you still being cute..**

I seated about 4 rows from him during the photography session and when he walked by to his chair, those few seconds just enough to be mesmerized by his handsomeness and paleness hehe..vampire, anime character, porcelain skin~whatever terms we use for him, YES, he is all of that! He is tall (5’11’). He is skinny. He is super eye-candy. He is polite. He is calm. He is ONE IN A MILLION!

Finally the FM ends.  Doesn’t feel like 2 hours ++..not enough.  Greedy? Yes, for me to finally see him after idolizing him since 2010, I’m so greedy to see him longer, hear his voice, hear his laughter, hear his cheekiness, watch is boyish naughtiness, watch him bonding with his fans and those lucky ones that can play games with him, take picture with him, and a lot more!!

Another best thing during this FM, I met new friends and I have a wonderful time with everyone.  Some hiccups can be forgotten.  It’s nothing compare to the great time that I had.  Someday, God willing, I want to see all three of them on stage.  That I want! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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