This is entrance of the floating market that I went visiting with my girlfriends on my short trip to Bangkok..its about 30 mins by taxi but our taxi driver was not familiar with the area it took us about 45 mins heheh..We had breakfast at the hotel before we came so imagine how frustrated as we cannot try a lot of local food because we ate a lot at the hotel 😦 😦



Customers actually sit themselves at the floated seating area while food were bought from ‘aunties’ that sit in the small boats along the floating area.


Look at the fish…it was a big as my arms hehe..and some of the local throw bits of breads as food and the fishes will flock around it..its amazing! Just amazing!


Anyhow we managed to taste the grilled king prawns with spicy sos..oh my it was really delicious^___^


Next time I going to Bangkok, I’m going to make sure I skip my breakfast before going to Taling float market huhu…


Also along the way to the entrance were more stalls (blue roof) that sell various things like food, flowers, herbs, local gifts, etc.

Argghhh wish I could go again in the near future….grilled king prawn..grilled king prawn..grilled king prawn..*wipe saliva* haha


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