Xia Junsu Concert 2012~Bangkok

I have been meaning to put this on my own blog..I don’t want to forget the experience, not ever!  It one of the most memorable memories I had in 2012!

My Very First Fan-account^^

Note:      Since this is my first fan-acct essay *hehe* please forgive for any mistakes (be it grammer, sentences, event flows, etc.) because I am still excited and hate myself for loving super sexy Junsu *blush*blush*..

So, here goes my journey to baby Xia Tarantellegra concert..

 Concert notice

*KIM JUNSU, KIM JUNSU, KIM JUNSU, KIM JUNSU…* the chanting feels like a mantra for a first timer like me hehe..but every word of his name was shouted with so much love and eager to see him on stage! I feel like blood rushing through my whole body and getting hot at the sound of fans chanting..Tarantellegra MV was shown at the beginning and then another video appeared on screen..Junsu underwater in fetus position *I think* ~ maybe telling the new XIA is being reborn!

Drowning in the sound of the music and laser lights and red light-sticks around me..he appeared to sing his first song, coming out jumping from below with his silver cane..hmm, how shall I describe my first impression of him, seeing him live, in front of me and being separated by 20 rows of chairs but he was there..live..dancing..jumping..singing..wow, surreal indeed.  He is so handsome and manly – there’s no hint of cuteness, it was replaced with dangerously super sexy Xia, although he is so skinny but I love the way he is.

“Breath” was awesome! My soul slowly returning back to me and enjoy his performances ^0^..he is very charismatic, seriously no other singer can even be at par with him in this department! Next “No Gain”..So hot! So hot!  Random ~ Gun Young so cute tonight hehe..

Talking time ~ he said something in Thai..I don’t understand but the crowd screaming and laughing..but I think he’s so happy to be in Bangkok.

“Lullaby” next ~ wow the dancer so seductive..taking her sweet time touching him and finding good spot to land her head *shakeheads* heheh…it’s a very nice song.  Mid song two dancers came out with dancing rail/bar and doing some sexy moves..then one of the dancer blindfold him *ooo…kinky* hehe..It became dark for a while and then Junsu sing ‘Intoxication V.2’..OMG, he is so hot! Kyaaaa…drooling

‘Set Me Free’..I love.love.love. the dance..Junsu’s face look a bit shock coz music off mid-way but he keep on singing and dancing as if he is the music and fans sing with him! How awesome was that!! He went inside to change and video of his practicing was shown.  This man, how many people confirmed that he is a chameleon! Because he is..one moment he’s so damn sexy..another moment, he smiles and look super cute you just want to hug or kiss him!  He came out and talking time.  He thanked fans but not sure why..and then he gives fans three wishes ^o^..of course first wish ~ angelic xia. Aigooo..so cuteeeeee! He did it twice^^ *heaven*…next wish ~ shaking his duckbutt ..haha…so cute coz he shakes it like writing his name X.I.A. (well, that’s what I think..or maybe I’m just paying full attention to the way his butt moving) ~ get bricked!! Runnn..haha..

Ok, so last wish ~ he does the ‘boing*boing’ aegyo thing right?…gosh, he so so cute^^..

He sang ‘Knowing’..then ‘Round and Round’ ~ there’s fan project for it and we hold a paper tag till song finished.

Junsu going to the back and filler by the dancers! Awww fans applaud and scream especially at Gun Young..aigoo ^___^ He came out and sing 3 of his musical songs! What can I say except it’s marvellous and superb!  “One Last Dance”, ‘I am Music’ and ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’…Oh Dear God, his voice shoots straight to my heart and I died lullabied by his voice! My tears just flow down my cheeks..I love his musical songs.  “I.MUST.SEE.HIS.MUSICAL.NEXT.YEAR.”

Another video ~ about JYJ concerts venue since 2011 and ends at Bangkok *tonight*

Ooooo here it comes…here it comes…TARANTELLEGRA!!!!..Kyaaaaa..black magic song ~ cannot stop dancing and screaming…superb! superb!  Continue with ‘Fever’…simply wonderful!  Then lights on/off..we called out his names..and he’s back on with ‘Mission 2.0’! I love ‘Mission’ and really enjoy the new version too..

Talking time ~ I think he thanked fans for support and he wipes his face with a towel.  Fans screamed and he throw it to the suddenly crowd in front of the stage!! Wonder when those fans rushing there..hehehe..but Junsu giggling was super adorable..then he wipes again with another towel and fans screamed and he throw it again! Somewhere suddenly fan boys screamed keke…Junsu looks like off-guard and giggles..so cute^^. He talked some more and translator translated back in Thai..fans screaming ‘noooo’ so I guess it almost ended..he wipes his sweat again..fans screamed..he kissed the towel..fans screamed louder..and he throw the towel towards the chair next to him..hahaha

He sings ‘I Dislike Love’..seriously beautiful.  Then he sings ‘Dew Covered Tree’…there’s fan project and we hold a pink fan with drawing of his favourite coconut trees..he saw it and he smile ear-to-ear while singing.  Oh Junsu, now you should know how much you are loved by your fans^^

Last bow..dancers came out and I think we gave them standing ovation *I forgot*..it was one hell of great concert!  Lights off and we all chanting his name..and he came out singing ‘Fallen Leaves’…My God, the moment he starts singing I was crying..it’s my favourite.favourite song and Junsu sang it solo for encore! I almost okay but then he cried, I mean like sobbing and oh damn! That’s does it! My tears keep on going like tap water…and then, it’s finally ended! He said ‘Thank You’ in Thai, Kor, Jap, Chinese, Eng..but he didn’t say in Malay/Indo/Tagalog..kinda sad coz he should know fans from Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines were there to be with him..

For about 5 mins no one move..maybe wishing he will come out again!  Then MC came out and want to give CD to lucky fans so we all get the que and going out of the hall.

So that’s it! I wish I can turn back the time and rewind the concert until my ears bleed to death! Haha..

Wanting to feel how it feels as fangirl, I waited with the girls at our hotel (we stayed same hotel as Junsu) and finally after almost 3 hours of waiting, some of Thai fans gave signal to go outside from lobby coz he’s leaving for airport (haha..those fans really ninja.  They were with us waiting at lobby..suddenly one by one disappeared..I thought they just tired of waiting and went home coz majority were teenagers.  Then out of nowhere, they appeared again..running and screaming at 11pm at night from car parking ramp..so I guess they stalking/waiting for Junsu car came out from private parking lift..)  Oh yes, he was in the car..again he is so near yet so far..haha..I think he asked the driver to drive at a decent pace and he opened the window and waves at us..my goodness, he such a doll.  All smiling and waves back ..with his dark cloths and golden hair! And that’s the picture I had him before I go to sleep that night..hehe (Crazy loving noona..)

From minute 1 to the end of the performance, there was never dull moment! It’s really true; one must listen and watch him live to really appreciate his superb talent.  No lip-sync! No miming! He can pawn any k-pop boy-band or k-pop idol with just one pinch!  USD 142 ticket, VIP zone A3 ~ simply worth it!  I took some pictures but security very strict.  Maybe organizer appointed someone to take pictures and don’t want it leaks faster than bullet train or maybe organizer wants to sell it off to fans! Maybe I’ll share it later but I guess most of you already seen those pictures online^^.

Waking up to reality the next day seemed another blank memories haha..


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