Food adventure, Istanbul {23-28 April 2012)

While in Istanbul, Turkey I managed to try few local cuisine and this chicken kebab was one of it.  It was delicious.  Tasted a bit like chicken tandoori but with more nicer herbs..

And there are also sweet local delicacy that I tried.  Hmm, I’m not a sweet-tooth person so this is not my liking but my friends love it so much she finished it all..

Breakfast @ Ciragen Palace Hotel, Istanbul

Here some of the food that I tried too.  I’m not a picky eater so I enjoyed all the food that I tried. Well, maybe some that I don’t really favor but while in foreign country why not give it a try.  You don’t know when will be the next time you can taste it again…right?

Dinner on boat. Chicken grilled with sticky rice and mashed potato.


Turkish yogurt. Really delicious.

There were some more food that I tried but didn’t take any photos. I wish I had tho. I want to go to Turkey again, not Istanbul but other parts of Turkey and I want to try more of their food.




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