T.G.I.F. Wangsawalk, Kuala Lumpur

Having wonderful lunch with a friend at TGIFriday the other day. Haven't been there for more than 2 years..suddenly have the urge to eat there. So, we went. This what we ordered and eat.  Wonder how was TGIF's menu in other country?? My favourite chix wing ♥ yum yum Mushroom soup ~ not so good!... Continue Reading →


Blooming Tulips In Istanbul, Turkey {23-28 April 2012}

Ooo I was really lucky because able to go to Istanbul and what's made it much memorable it was during tulips blooming..it was gorgeous..gorgeous..gorgeous 🙂 🙂 Just looking at those vibrant colors makes me want to dive in it hahaha... Honestly it was my first time seeing tulips garden and it think where someone lives... Continue Reading →

Xia Junsu Concert 2012~Bangkok

Old lady first fan-account! So, here goes my journey to baby Xia Tarantellegra concert..  Concert notice *KIM JUNSU, KIM JUNSU, KIM JUNSU, KIM JUNSU…* the chanting feels like a mantra for a first timer like me hehe..but every word of his name was shouted with so much love and eager to see him on stage!... Continue Reading →


Photo grid of food that I tasted during my trip to local and overseas restaurants during few months back.. Still can taste the deliciousness of grilled prawns at float-market in Bangkok..yum yum yum I will share more later^^

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